Where are our FSA scores? (This post was going to be about politicians and their lack of effort in providing for accountability over public tax dollars they are sending to charter schools and private schools via vouchers, but I got diverted. I will get to it.)

Current speculation is that the Commissioner, Pam Stewart, will not release scores until June 30 under new statutory language enacted with the Florida law known as HB 7069. Here is what the language says (as provided by the legislative staff analysis):

The law requires that state assessment contracts entered into or renewed after April 14, 2015, must provide for a student’s performance on state assessments to be provided to the student’s teachers and parents by the end of the school year, unless the Commissioner of Education determines that extenuating circumstances exist and reports the circumstances to the SBE [State Board of Education]. The law also requires that assessment and reporting schedules must provide the earliest possible reporting of student assessment results to school districts.

Does the Commissioner know that Florida schools end their year weeks before the end of June?

Does the Commissioner know that many of these tests are worth 30% of a student’s course grade and that their report cards cannot be finalized and sent home until FSA scores are reported?

July is too late for students needing to enroll in a summer option because their FSA score caused them to fail a course.

A servant’s heart and a service-oriented attitude in an education commissioner would render these questions moot. She would know and she wouldn’t allow it to happen.

I see you, Pam Stewart, and I name you … SLOTH!

UPDATE: the statutory language gives cover. Thanks to Paula Suzanne, who ran it down for us: 34687254_10204681309868950_5349081428694925312_n

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