So the latest dust-up is the interim superintendent of schools not telling the board or the public that two of the people on the promotion list to principal were relatives: a son and a niece.

But this is nothing new. The last superintendent left us with a budget hole because he spent money he was sure would show up one day. From the wayback machine (only 13 months ago):

Board member Rebecca Couch said that the board approved [expenditures] because they were told that money was available in the budget for the expenditures. Turns out, that wasn’t always true, she said.


Before then, it was EPD laying up the federal largesse under President Obama’s stimulus bill for future needs while telling the board they needed to adopt a very unpopular pay-to-play policy for high school athletics. 

Let’s not get started on Joseph Wise, whose misrepresentations to the Board came to a crashing halt when he published a letter in the newspaper telling a Board member to resign.

Remember that? It was the same Board member who made a habit of writing down everything he said at Board meetings and later calling him out when he tried to deny it.

Oh, people, what is it in the water at 1701 Prudential Drive?

There is a pattern to the superintendent/Board relationship in the county. Let us hope that with new people coming to the board via November elections and the new superintendent, we will have a new beginning and this sorry pattern will be relegated to the dustbin where it belongs.

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