Nope, not this:

Not talking cosmetics.

Or even this:

A band!

Certainly not this:

Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) is sure this one will not be approved for a school or classroom library.

Laughter aside, the censorship of school libraries is a serious issue but we often use humor to process our experiences. The title of this post refers to this. GOT’s school district is issuing advice to its teachers about their classroom libraries and here’s the executive summary: Cover (it), girl!

Teachers, you’ve done a great job of self-censorship and we’ve been looking over your shoulder as we, too, have been reviewing books prior to receiving the official state guidance. Now that we have it, we’re going to question your decisions with a ‘second layer of review.’

Teachers, we’re expediting the process of getting books approved so you can get those books back into students’ hands … which means that students have no access to books as I make this video.

Also, we’re using technology! And, this is a wrench for us, a ‘heavy lift’ if you will, but we will give our teachers TDE to help review books and get this done even though we really, really want them to stay in their classrooms because we don’t really have any data how classroom libraries will help students perform better on their state tests.

Teachers, we’re looking to bring back retired media specialists as well. You know, the ones we got rid of ten years ago. Hope they kept their certificates active! In the meantime …

COVER (IT), GIRL! And maybe take this time to throw out all those books that haven’t been read in a long time because we realize that you spend hours and dollars buying books for your classroom that no student wants to read.

But it’s only temporary. Once we approve a book, you need not worry again unless someone decides to challenge it. Then, we pull it for review yet again! But seriously, with groups like M4L getting school board members elected, how often is that going to happen?

If you still have a school librarian, understand that they are reviewing books and have no time to provide actual media center services for the students. That’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, you’re awesome, teachers! Don’t think about those weekly inspections because we don’t believe that your lesson plans are up to snuff, match the standards, or contain continuous testing of your students.

We have your back.

This is a parody piece, full of sarcasm for those who didn’t catch on. But the censorship of books in Florida schools is real. GOT’s district, like many others, is trying to be compliant, not complicit. There are those who will say that it works out to the same thing as the result either way is the same. It’s a scary time in Florida to be a teacher.

One thought on “Cover Girl

  1. I always kept a pile of art books – Goya, Velasquez, Dalí, Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh, Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralists – in my classroom because we did not have a single Art class or teacher at my high school, which served 1400 kids. I taught Spanish and so incorporated these artists into my curriculum. I doubt those books would appear in a data base for “pornographic” books.

    But they got nekked bodies in them! So, looks like a 3rd degree felony, equal to manslaughter, for me!

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