Recently, Florida’s Governor was speaking at the Florida Sheriffs Association Summer Conference Awards Banquest when he made a claim that persons who are vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19 are actually more likely to get the disease than those who are not.

In his typical bombastic fashion, the Governor insists that he has analyzed the data and knows what he is talking about. When the flubbering of lips stopped, people wondered what he was referring to.

It seems the Gov is cherry-picking data. One idea is that he was using a CDC-produced graph:

The Joy of Misleading Data. Ignore that black line on top.

The problem with this graph and the other possible source (Walgreen’s reported testing data) is that it is raw data and people who know their stuff (in other words, the experts) warn that no one can draw valid conclusions from raw data. Plus, this is only people 50 and over. Plus, with so much home testing now, any database will be incomplete and biased.

But the Governor is unfazed. His modus operandi (standard operating procedure) is not that he’s the smartest guy in the room; he’s the only smart guy in the room. If the rest of us dumb people would shut up, he would gaslight … er, cough, cough, explain how wrong we are.

Ron DeSantis is on a roll. He is also warning that early education teachers are telling girls to be boys and boys to be girls. To quote the famous Dave Barry, Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) is not making this up:

Pants on fire.

Here’s a quote: “This will be for elementary school kids where they are instructed to tell them, ‘Well you may have been born a boy that may have what you said, but maybe you’re really a girl’. That is wrong. That has no place in schools,” DeSantis said. “That is happening in our country. Anyone that tells you it’s not happening is lying to you.”

The only one lying here is Ron DeSantis. He has no evidence. If any teacher was actually caught and documented to have said that to children, their employing school district would have removed them from their classroom and terminated them.

It isn’t that DeSantis hates teachers; it’s that he finds them a useful punching bag in his never-ending-culture-war-performance-art-theater for a political base he has almost captured from his godfather.

But could the tide be turning? We’re still a long way out from the 2024 presidential campaign. With these latest lies, DeSantis could be wearing out his act. That bit about the Covid boosters … GOT could be wrong, but he is wondering if we aren’t witnessing the governor jumping the shark.

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