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85% of all email is estimated to be spam. Cue Monty Python …

The next specimen of junk mail that is hitting teachers’ school cyber-mailboxes is one that comes from ‘Teachers of Tomorrow.’ Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) might almost (do you hear the dripping sarcasm like you would react to fingernails dragged across a blackboard? Oh, you young people and your whiteboards, you have missed out) fall for it if the spammer had bothered to disguise their identity.

They did not. It’s SimpleK12, an online company offering practical professional development. From their website:

“Our mission is to help educators inspire their students, engage their learners, perfect their craft, and share their experiences to help others do the same. Never stop growing. Never stop learning. Never stop sharing.

Online professional development. Anytime. Anywhere… even at home in your pajamas! We call it PD in your PJs. So put your bunny slippers on, and come join us!

We help motivate, inspire, and enrich more than 800,000 teachers per year. In turn, these teachers are also there for each other. They are all in the same boat. They stay up late and get up early. They grade papers in the car, make lesson plans while making dinner, email parents while folding laundry, run the school newspaper while watching ballet practice… and SimpleK12 gives them the ideas and support they need to never give up.”

PD in your PJs? Put your bunny slippers on? When GOT posts this on social media, please, please, please, comment with your best laughing emoji.

That last paragraph brings to mind this old song:

Do work while cooking dinner or folding laundry? Would they dare say these things if their audience wasn’t mostly made up of women?

In GOT’s day, we would call this a guilt trip. Rip up your ticket; don’t get on the plane. Take off your cape if you’ve ever worn one. This psychological manipulation of teachers must stop.

Let’s see what they have in mind in return for offering $100 off a SimpleK12 membership. But that’s mindboggling! How much does a membership cost that they are offering $100 off?!

Ha! They are soliciting people to follow them on Instagram. Their handle is @texasteachersACP. They claim they are the place to “keep up with the latest classroom trends, program updates and giveaways!” In the small print, they have this to say: “You are receiving this email regarding your enrollment in our program. Check often for important updates on your certification.”

GOT did not enroll in their program. Further research reveals that these people are preying upon, oops, offering people an alt-cert path into being a public school teacher.*

Then, why are they soliciting existing public school teachers?

Too many unrelated links in a junk email. GOT’s head hurts and he will stop here.


*Anyone who did not pursue a traditional path via earning a teacher degree from an accredited college and is interested in a teaching career should contact the public school district for which they want to work for more information about alternate certification and entering the profession.

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