The third in a three part series picking apart Florida’s governor’s B.E.S.T. and maybe-not-so-brightest (and for those keeping score, that’s a slick reference to another Florida promise that its legislature feels no need to uphold with its soon-to-graduate young people.) Part One looks at the ongoing and apparently unsolvable problems Florida has with operating online platforms. Part Two looks at the unfulfillable promise of customized and unique testing experience to every student.

At last we get to the most disturbing part of the Governor’s famblasting with confuzzles, trumplebumples, and whovillians blamburbling a la the most delicious nonsense Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) ever served up.

Eliminating the once-a-year FSA with three-times-a-year progress monitoring will give schools two opportunities to improve.

Nice sleight-of-hand, Gov’nor, but Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) is watching the cards.

Over the years and especially during the DeSantis (gov’nor) and Corcoran (House Speaker) era, Florida has tightened the thumb screws on its public schools. Under current law, a school that receives a D or F grade gets ONE year to improve. Get it up to a C or face the profiteering of a law that enriches ed management consultants, charter school operators, or … oh, hell, just shutter the damn building and let the parents figure it out.

One year.

But now, Governor DeSantis magnimously gives two chances.

Except those chances come every three months.

A school facing sanction used to have one year–ten months–to produce the test scores.

Under the new proposal, those two chances coming every three months means that schools only have half that time.

Florida’s drive to privatize all its schools was already moving at a fast pace. But if DeSantis and Corcoran have their way, we’re kicking the process into warp speed.

All that stands in the way is JEB Bush’s (please clap) ego, He may call in his many markers in the legislature to sabotage DeSantis.

Florida Man (Men) upping their game and moving to a new level.

What can a GOT say? We allow the rest of the country to say, “At least we’re not Florida.”

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