Family Feud has nothing on Florida, where competing groups answer surveys to push their agenda onto the public, no matter how ridiculous or astoundingly awful the results might be.

The original.

If you watched the clip, you saw that a McDonald’s restaurant lost out to a bakery by only two percentage points as a place where the smell of food makes you hungry.

Well, Florida is hungry for something and that is new leadership, both in the Governor’s Mansion (closed to public tours even as DeathSantis issues orders that everything else must reopen) and the Department of Education’s Commissioner Office.

Neither understands the constitutional limits of their offices. They pretend to be conservatives who want limited government, but both have shown a willingness to issue orders regardless of whether the constitution gives that power or not.

The governor has openly questioned why schools should be allowed to insist upon mask-wearing.

Their political base hates masks and, because a group of a few thousand parents in Sarasota are angry that their school system makes their children wear masks and are threatening a lawsuit, the FLDOE, in its desire to satisfy a political base, gets an assist by Florida’s PTA with a survey about mask wearing.

One can only suppose that the governor is about to issue an order through his commissioner to override the decisions of duly-elected school boards, the constitutional officers who have the authority and responsibility to operate Florida’s public schools.

Go here to find it. You don’t need to be a parent to take the survey. Tell Richard Corcoran that you demand that school boards maintain their mandatory mask-wearing policies.

You might also send him an email to explain the constitutional limit on his authority as Education Commissioner. He needs a lesson or two or ten thousand about that.

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