It came after 20 minutes of announcements and speeches about Melbourne hosting the AAU Junior Olympics this summer. The governor spoke so quickly it was hard to keep up. Here are the highlights as best as possible:

  • Schools to return to on-campus instruction for the fall.
  • CARES funds will be used to address learning losses during the spring and gaps between achievement groups.
  • “Florida fell less behind than other states because its distance learning was one of the most effective in the U.S.”
  • $64 million will be used to close achievement gaps through ‘fortified’ K-5 learning programs for the summer.
  • New goal: 90% of students to be proficient in reading by 2024.
  • $20 million for K – 3 reading curriculum as vetted by Just Read Florida.
  • $15 million for highly effective reading coaches and support by regional teams.
  • $29 million for transition to kindergarten programs.
  • $45 million for safety net programs, including $30 million for tax scholarships to protect traditional K – 12 schools from a huge increase in enrollment if private schools close. (Emphasis mine.)
  • $69 million for childcare providers.
  • $223 million for early learning programs, including safety precautions for Covid-19.
  • Free ACT/SAT for 2020.
  • $35 million for technological certification programs at state colleges.
  • $10.9 Million for K – 12 plan for technological prep for post-graduate programs.
  • $2.3 million for telehealth services.
  • Survey districts for PPE needs.

Then it was Corcoran’s turn:

  • Safe plan to open; schools fully open in the fall.
  • Must have teachers in front of children, but keep everyone safe.
  • Emphasis on in-person learning versus distance learning.
  • Focus on 3rd grade, where we need to ‘grapple’ (that was the word he used–several times) with getting them to a 90% literacy rate.
  • Something about credentialing personnel in 20 weeks where they would have high skills and high wages.
  • Then he waved a huge foam finger. (OK, I made that up, but he emphasized about being number one.)

A link to the recording via the Florida Channel is not yet available. Update: link now available.

Also, please offer corrections if a detail is wrong. It’s hard to keep up when they talk so fast.

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