In this second post of a series that Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) hopes will have a very short shelf life, he will answer questions that have arisen in this grand experiment.

? How can I (a teacher) assess my students? How do I give a quiz/test?

Don’t. Just don’t.

? How can I stop students cheating on my test?

See above.

? What will happen when all 67 school districts in Florida go online tomorrow (March 30, 2020)?

No one knows. Have patience, keep trying, and forgive the students, both the ones who tried and the ones who didn’t. It’s not a time to be an <ahem.>

? How does a particular feature work in a particular platform?

Check your network. Someone in your school, district, or social media connections has probably figured it out.

? What happens if everything crashes? OMFG, what now?

Peace. The sun came up, you have food in your house, your children are annoying you (that’s a good thing), if nothing worked, what really matters in life has not changed.

Falsetto’s greatest moment.

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