Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) was able to score a full copy of the February 17, 2020 Frequently Asked Questions release by the Florida Department of Education regarding what they call with no sense of irony, “New Standardization Policies” regarding test administration.

What follows is the full release without commentary. GOT is sorry to have to resort to screen shots, but scans generate PDF files and he doesn’t have the big bucks to pay for a full copy of Adobe Acrobat to export to another format.

Page One.

This is what the Department of Education, Florida-style, has sent to districts regarding the manner in which this year’s testing may take place.

One thought on “Testing FAQ

  1. Glad to see someone had the sense to eliminate common core. Now let’s make the students pass the citizenship test to graduate. They are not being taught how great of a country they live in.


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