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These guys.

Diverting the decent (and not-so-decent, perhaps) denizens of Jacksonville from the debacle of the now-debunked scheme to divert dozens of dozens of dollars from the city-owned utility to the executives’ bank accounts … it’s Christmas, Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) is on his first day of break and having some fun with words, laugh with him … we are also dealing with the diatribe the NFL Players Association distributed about the demands of the executive dictator of the team and the resulting dismissal of the demanding disciplinarian.

But let’s get serious.

Has anyone else recognized the deep problem afflicting the team? It’s more than Tom Coughlin.

The players are discontented. Many have been released, one demanded and received a trade, and most have gone on to successful careers with other teams.

Too many talented players have moved on after their time with the Jags (as we often abbreviate the team’s name.)

Jalen Ramsey tweeted, “I tried to tell y’all.”

Dante Fowler tweeted his relief that he would get $700,000 refunded from the assessed fines that violated the contract between the players and the National Football League.

GOT hasn’t seen Yannick Ngakoue’s reaction or that of Miles Jack, but in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s no secret of the discontent of the defensive players on the team.

The most they would say is that their front office doesn’t know how to relate to today’s players.

There’s a deep problem with this team. Has anyone else noticed it?

It’s a problem that won’t be solved with the coming dismissal of the general manager and head coach.

Let’s go back two years. At the end of the 2017 season, the Jaguars were one play away from being in the Super Bowl for the very first time. In the ensuing celebration after years of being the league’s doormat, contracts were extended.

In particular, the front office three of executive VP of football operations, general manager, and head coach as well as the ‘franchise’ quarterback had their contracts extended with their compensation improved. We couldn’t wait for the contracts to come up for negotiation at the end of their term–went the explanation–because we need these people to know we appreciate them.

By the way and it gets to the point of this post, these persons are white.

The Jaguars have had and still have many talented players on their defensive roster. Not by the way and we’re moving to the point, these players are black.

Two in particular have been reaching the end of their rookie contracts. Their outstanding play has been crucial to the team’s strategy. They are recognized as All-Pro despite the team’s record. One is called a ‘once-in-a-generation’ player. [Editorial note: this player demanded and received a trade because of his issues with the team.]

They asked to renegotiate. They were told not to get out of line. Wait your turn.

Are you getting it now?

If you’re white, the team needs to show love. Here’s a renewal you didn’t ask for.

If you’re black, wait your turn. Get back into line. We have the ‘franchise tag’ for one of you to keep you out of free agency.

Until the Jaguars deal with the racism in the organization, they will never know long-term success. Good players will count the days and mark their calendars until they can get out of town.

Sadly, the same is true of schools. Charter schools are resegregating America.

Voucher plans (GOT would say schemes, but he knows that word is fraught with emotion) are doing the same.

Even public schools ignore the problem. This post grows long, GOT does not wish to indict the particular school system he works for, but racism is in the halls and goes unaddressed.

I’ll say the same about schools, all schools, that I did about the Jaguars. Until we get about addressing racism, we will be stymied in finding the success we seek.

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