Dear Lenny, it’s never a good idea for a politician to tweet in the wee hours of the morning.

Lenny, Scott Shine will fill you in.

From First Coast News, we get the exchange: A local teacher responded to a Curry tweet complaining about the air conditioning in his classroom. The mayor took the bait and responded that he would see that repairs would be made if the teacher told him where he taught and his classroom number.

Apparently sometime later, another teacher urged all teachers to send their maintenance needs to the mayor’s office.

Lenny, you enthusiastically responded. You thought this was a great chance to show up the school board and the superintendent as incompetent. The hero mayor to the rescue! Lenny will see it done.

Mayor, you’ve been had.

The idea for teachers, parents, and students to drown your office with emails about needed maintenance has been kicking around for about two months giving your obstruction over the sales tax issue and your willing accomplices on the City Council following your orders.

The many activists who want to see the referendum on a ballot never took up the idea.

Until now. How many emails are you getting? If very little, it only means that as a protest against your bullying ways, people realize it will have no effect.

Or, since you have invited the emails as a propaganda play, teachers et al. are too savvy to fall for this.

Lenny, last week a teenager refused to take his headphones off in class and stop listening to music. When I insisted, he tried to stare me down. Do you think I would take the dare and engage in a staring contest? That would pull me down to his level. No, I am the adult and he is only a child. I quickly established that fact and the child put his headphones in his book bag as I told him to.

You are acting childish. You are cutting a ridiculous figure as you think you can one-up the school board and the superintendent. That is what a child would do.

As GOT (Grumpy Old Teacher) said, early AM tweets are never a good idea for a politician. Far better would be a good night’s sleep. You need about eight hours a night, and your tweets indicate that would mean you need to stay in the sack until about 10 AM–far after the time you should arrive for work.

Yes, Lenny, go to bed. Stop embarrassing yourself.

All you have shown the city is your partisanship, your desire to rule all, and the rest of us are collateral damage.

If you really wanted to fix the AC, you would not have tweeted. You would have called Diana Greene in the morning and told her you would move ahead with the repair of schools.

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