Nice ‘Stache.

You got me. It’s one of the hazards of being a blogger, a working citizen, that I don’t have the time to go to all the meetings, chase down every fact (Google has its limitations and I can’t afford a LexisNexis account), and get behind the reports. Like other bloggers, Grumpy Old Teacher (GOT) reads a tremendous amount of news from a variety of sources, but is limited by what is reported.

So when I last thought about your proposal, I said it’s odious but maybe that’s what the School Board would have to do. Hire your muscle to get the sales tax referendum through the City Council.

That’s before your real proposal was known. No wonder the school board chair pulled back her like of my post. She knew something the rest of us did not, but now do.

For 15 Gs a month, you would have sold, not the school board’s proposal, but your own ideas–on their behalf–that included $150,000,000 off the top for building new charter schools in the city.

You were willing to collect a nice fee for being a consultant, but consulting is not what you had in mind. You were going to tell your prospective client what they have to do.

Nice retirement gig. Easy-peasy in a city that calls itself bold but its politicians are too timid to stand up to the strong-arm mayor. Who would with a guy like you around to provide the muscle?

This is where GOT and you part company. It’s not that you weren’t really offering to be a consultant. You were running down the sideline like Marcedes Lewis getting ready to drop a pass from Blake Bortles. Remember them? Yeah, no one else does either.

But who called the play? And you were willing to run the route as long as you were well paid for it.

Retirement will be sweet. Let GOT share his plans with you as the day is not far off. He will immediately volunteer to return to the school system as a math interventionist. Volunteer work! For the good of the community. Because his retirement is secure and there is no more need to scrabble for income.

Why could you not do that, Sam? You know our schools are in desperate need of the sales tax to repair and replace facilities. You know that charters don’t have the same needs. You know the inequity that has never been truly addressed in our city.

Or maybe you aren’t the consummate insider you pretend to be.

Pro Bono, Sam. Ask Jason Gabriels what that means if you don’t know. Oh, wait, this is the guy who said ‘shall’ means ‘may,’ and didn’t have the cajones to back it up; offering instead the weak excuse that it was only an internal memorandum by a junior staffer.

Now that the facts are known, the people of Jacksonville see your proposal for what it is. Not an offer to help, not a proposal for representation, but a protection racket.

GOT recalls his previous recommendation that the school board may not like it, but hiring you may be the way to go.

GOT was wrong. With superior knowledge, board members knew what they were dealing with. They are right to reject your offer.

In closing, GOT can’t help but be a teacher. Here’s your homework assignment. It’s a reflection of one word: RICO.

Think about that before Lenny sends you out for the next shake-down.

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