This post is week 4 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.

Lead Learner

What are optimal conditions in which to learn, for you, and for students?

Good Guggamugga, what a lead-in! The most pressing issue in my city is the School Board’s plan to replace or renovate its outdated facilities that are literally crumbling into the Florida landscape.

Not even video shown on local news, pictures in local media that are shared widely on social media, and pleas from teachers, principals, and district administrators, to say nothing of the children themselves. are moving the hard hearts of my city’s politicians, who are only concerned with promoting charter schools at the expense of losing the public schools.

Classroom ceilings held up by wooden two-by-fours, broken air conditioning that allows room temperatures to climb into the mid-90s, dangerous portable classrooms that offer no protection from lightning during a storm or are breaking in two as the ground sinks under part of it … mold, broken athletic showers, the problems are lengthy and a solution has been long delayed.

This is the summer blogging challenge from another ed blog: Hot Lunch Tray. I doubt this is the response they had in mind.

HLT asks about optimal learning conditions? In my city, let’s start with classrooms that won’t fall on the heads of children as they try to learn.

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