*Because kids are hungry in the summer, too.

Five kids sitting at a table eating lunch

It’s been a two and a half week hiatus for Grumpy Old Teacher, an unintentional one, which GOT hopes to explain soon in a post titled “Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread.”

In the meantime, some publicity is in order for the program that fills in during summer recess when schools are not in session and the free/reduced lunch program is not available.

You can hear about the program here via WJCT (NPR Jacksonville, FL) and their First Coast Connect program. Or you can visit this website and look up all the sites where children 18 and under will receive lunch.

To find the nearest location where a child will receive a meal at no cost, visit the website, text “FoodFL” to 877-877, or dial 211. In Jacksonville, you may learn which libraries are providing meals (and reading/enrichment programs) by calling 630-BOOK.

This is not a Jacksonville, FL only program. The website is able to direct other persons wherever they live in the state to a location where the meals will be provided.

May no child go hungry this summer.

Update: Here’s a link to the USDA, which organizes the program. (Thanks to a BAT, Badass Teacher, who responded with the link when I posted in the Facebook group.)

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