In a world full of choices, choose to be kind.

May is the time of testing. Now is a good time to be reminded that there are more important things in life than a particular test score.

Darian Locklear was living the life of a teenager. Everyone remembers those awkward days: worrying about pimples, social status, grades, popularity among peers, and the hormonal changes of transforming to an adult.

Wanting to be unique, but wondering if anyone thinks we are special.

It wasn’t the major acts that defined her life; it was the many small acts of kindness that Darian is remembered for. A tragic accident took her life, but her memory will live on in the lives of others whom she helped.

The boy who never ate lunch alone because she would bring all her friends and sit with him.

The peer-ostracized children whom she would talk to.

The teenager she believed even no one else did regarding an assault.

The girl she helped through a dark time.

There are many stories.

In a world full of choices, choose to be kind.

You will be remembered for your choices.

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