Not me. I am a Sampson and the ‘p’ distinguishes the English surname from the Jewish name.

Image result for samson pulling down the pillars

Not that confusion doesn’t ensue. In my freshman dorm (circa 1975), the Jewish guys didn’t understand until I explained it.

Although Samson was a badass and I wouldn’t mind the comparison.

Yes, in his last act, Samson pulled down the pillars on a temple to kill his enemies. It was an act of suicide, but he saw it as a heroic sacrifice.

The temple wasn’t strong enough to survive a catastrophic event.

Our schools are. But the commish is about to change that–if he can–if he gets his way. And Corcoran always gets his way. Two years of Florida legislative history teaches us that.

Corcoran believes that a lot of money is wasted on school construction. This is not a new story although GOT is once again failed by Google trying to find a link.

Now we get this. Corcoran says that teachers deserve to make $75,000 a year (quite an increase from the current average salary of $48,000.)

Where will the state find the money? Stop building expensive schools.

Now to sew up the metaphor or analogy if you will and the news story. The biggest way to reduce school construction cost is to stop making them strong enough to serve as storm shelters.

Charters know this. They don’t bother and when a Cat 4 or 5 approaches the state, they politely decline to be storm shelters. Their buildings are not strong enough. They don’t build to those standards. They don’t have to.

So teacher, here’s the devil’s deal. You want to be paid a salary worthy of your expertise, your credentials, and your value? All you have to do is teach in a school that might fall down around your head at any moment.

All it takes is a Samson or, in Florida, a Corcoran.

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