Thanks to all who commented in the various places around the web where I share my thoughts.

My latest post, Metal Detectors, brought responses from around the country about other districts and schools who have installed these devices to screen high school students as they daily arrive for learning. Apparently, it’s not difficult to run thousands of students through detectors in a matter of minutes.


Let us be clear about that.

If we really want to stop students bringing weapons on campus, we need to restrict access to one entry point, examine all bags, and investigate every beep of the stand or wand.

That’s not going to happen in 15 minutes, probably not even an hour.

Almost every student has a three-ring binder in which to keep their work as they progress through their classes. Every binder has enough metal to set off a metal detector.

All I can conclude is that the show must go on, as they say on Broadway, but what we are doing is only for show.

If all a teenager has to do to smuggle a gun on campus is to put it in his/her bookbag, … do I need to finish this thought?

If we make them carry their bags through the detector, then I stand by my opinion that every single binder will set off the alarm and that student will have to undergo a more thorough search.

We’re going the wrong way, people. Technology will not save us.

Sensible gun laws will if we combine them with relationship building with students.

Or haven’t you been listening to the Parkland students?

They reacted with condemnation when they returned to school and were told only clear plastic backpacks would be allowed.

“And a little child shall lead them.” Anyone remember where we read this?

Let us listen to the students, and then ACT on what they tell us.

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