This one has already made the rounds, but you probably haven’t seen the whole thing.


Yes, the Florida Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, got huffy when a reporter came up to her and asked a question.

The Commissioner demanded to know why the reporter was interrupting her lunch because she had only 15 minutes … leading us to assume she wanted to eat and was being kept from it.

Funny thing, though, when you watch the full clip, the Grumpy Old Commissioner (GOC) wasn’t eating. She was loitering in the meeting room talking to people.

If her purpose was to talk to people, why would she object to answering a few questions for a reporter?

If she wanted bodily sustenance, why hadn’t she left the room to find food?

My guess is the staffer who tried to head off the reporter caught hell when GOC et al. got back to DOE offices and out of the public eye.

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