We’re still talking about money, as a famous prophet once said, “Money is the root of all evil,” and now we turn to the second deadly sin in education, which is gluttony.

Otherwise known as charter schools, for whom the money is never enough. They always demand more.

Yes, they can do the job of education better, for less, but they need more. KIPP is one of the worst hogs: At the trough, K-I-P-P. If KIPP really outperforms traditional public schools and that is a debatable proposition, then all it has proved is that every school needs its state to give it $2,000,000 more in funding.

In fact, the KIPP program in Jacksonville has an uneven level of school performance as measured by Florida’s school grade process. Good years are followed by bad years as I documented in an earlier blog.

After the passage of HB 7069 in Florida, which allowed charter schools to demand a share of the capital dollars local school boards raise through local school taxes, the Speaker Richard Corcoran lamented months later that they had given the charter operators everything they demanded and wondered why none had yet applied to be a “School of Hope,” a designation that would allow a Florida charter operation to bypass local school board authorization and control.

It’s never enough.

Florida charter scandals have been well chronicled over the years. School Operators Exploit Weak Laws Pay us $600 or your daughter won’t graduate Another day, Another Charter School Scandal Worse and worser (sic) Never Enough ‘Cause Related Party Dealing, That’s Why

Want more? Google ‘Florida charter school scandals.’

Outright fraud, for-profit management companies charging fees way beyond the value of services provided, real-estate companies to build charter facilities and charge rents high above market prices, hell, legislators passing legislation that benefit their wives, in-laws, and themselves through consulting contracts … it’s never enough.

You know, your local, traditional public school is really the best choice you have.

As for the charters, I see thee and name you … PIG!

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